Greatest Forgotten SF and Fantasy TV Theme Tunes

Whenever anybody runs a poll for “Best Ever SF and Fantasy TV Theme Tunes” you always get the same old suspects: Doctor Who, The Prisoner, Star Trek… And yeah, they do all have great theme tunes. But they’re also the shows that win “Best SF and Fantasy TV Show” polls as well. They have an in-built advantage.

Which we thought was a bit unfair on some great theme tunes that just happen to have been written for forgotten or under-appreciated shows. Or downright clunkers.

So here, SFX is giving a big-up to those sadly forgotten theme tunes that deserve a second hearing, in no particular (except number one). They’re numbered mainly so you can keep track of where you are in the article.

FROM THE SFX ARCHIVES: A slightly-edited and updated version of two articles from September 2010.


18 Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased)

Sung by Nina Persson of Swedish pop combo The Cardigans, the music for the Vic and Bob remake of the ’60 series about a cop and his ghostly partner was written by David Arnold, who’s been in charge of the Bond music since The World Is Not Enough. And doesn’t it sound like it? Even the piano riff at the very end sounds like it’s going to burst into the 007 theme. But it is effortlessly cool and well deserves another hearing.