Jamie Foxx (Definitely Maybe…) Playing Electro In Amazing Spider-Man 2

Django Unchained and Collateral star Jamie Foxx is set to play Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Probably. We think. Okay, there’s been no official announcement but let’s look at the evidence.

Variety has confirmed that Foxx has a major role in Amazing Spider-Man 2. The article says that he’s not yet been officially announced as playing Electro, but hints heavily that he will. (Variety first leaked that Electro would be the main villain three weeks back, and is sticking to its guns.)

• Jamie Foxx the Tweeted the following (but he could have just been playing along with the rumours):

• Then director Marc Webb went into “You may say that, but I couldn’t possibly comment” mode at a press event for the DVD and Blu-ray release of the first film: “I think Jamie Foxx is electrifying! I think Jamie Foxx is one of the best actors around today. He’s such a great character actor and he’s a really brilliant guy. I would love to work with him and you’ll be hearing more on that shortly, I’m sure… I like Electro.”

So, draw you own conclusions. We’ve drawn ours.

Webb had much more to say on the sequel. “What makes villains interesting to me is what they bring out in Peter,” Webb explained. “What challenges they provide for him. What’s great about Marvel and other comics is that often there’s a pre-existing relationship… It’s not just about the physical conflict he has, but the emotional ones as well.

“What’s exciting about moving forward is that, in the first movie, I had to still honour some of the important elements of the origin story,” Webb continued. “But I also wanted to redefine the context of it because I’m building a different universe than what we’ve seen before. A lot of the nuance is quite different. Now, as we’re approaching the sequel, it’s really exciting because I feel quite liberated. I have a universe that’s my own. I don’t have an obligation to the origin story. It’s pretty fun and exciting and I can dig deeper into the parents.”

Webb also teased that the sequel may feature some scenes shot specifically for IMAX.

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