Storage 24 REVIEW

Storage 24 review: Trouble in store

Noel Clarke and Antonia Campbell Hughes in Storage 24.

Someone-holding-a-torch horror movie still number 2,815,987.

Release Date: 29 October 2012
2012 | 15 | 83 minutes | £12.99 (DVD)/£15.99 (Blu-ray)
Distributor: Universal
Johannes Roberts
Cast: Noel Clarke, Antonia Campbell Hughes, Colin O’Donoghue, Laura Haddock, Jamie Thomas King

Kudos is due to Noel Clarke, screenwriter and star of this one-location SF-horror, on a couple of scores. In the wake of Kidulthood’s phenomenal success, Clarke could have knocked out screenplays set in the ends forever if he so wished, so it’s good to see a mover and shaker who has his finger on the pulse of what appeals to a mass audience diversifying into genre fare. Secondly, Clarke’s character is no cool, swaggering guy brimming with braggadocio, but a rather whiny, pathetic figure.

We meet the aptly-named Charlie when he heads to a storage centre to confront his ex, who’s in the process of dividing up their possessions. Unfortunately, a military plane has crashed nearby, releasing a monstrous ET that’s gone to ground in the locked-down facility’s maze of corridors: cue bodies being dragged up into the ceiling and much shuffling around ventilation ducts. Yep, it’s yet another riff on a certain Ridley Scott classic.

While Storage 24 passes muster compared to Alien knock-offs of yore like Inseminoid or Contamination, it can’t hold a candle to the work of Scott and Dan O’Bannon. There are a couple of good gags – like the moment where Charlie, desperately searching for weapons, finds a machine-gun in a box, only to realise that it’s just a toy. Ned Dennehy is also excellent in the minor role of a deranged divorcee who’s made his home in one of the storage units.

But such glimmers of greatness are too few and far between in a film which brings little new to the table and never quite gets the adrenaline pumping. The dialogue is rote; the central domestic dispute is uninvolving sub-EastEnders stuff; and the beast itself, a stilt-walking mash-up of Alien and Predator, would have been better left in the shadows.

After Charlie demands reasons for being dumped, his ex gives it to him straight: “You don’t excite me. You don’t make me happy. You don’t make me anything.” Sadly, the same holds true for Storage 24.


The DVD (rated) comes with an insight-packed commentary by Roberts and Clarke. Various crew discuss how the storage unit was created (making a lot of use of CGI extension) in an eight-minute featurette. You also get six deleted/extended scenes (some with unfinished effects), short “Day In The Life” pieces with the two male leads (Noel Clarke heads to the gym at 6.00am!), and a photo reel.

The Blu-ray adds featurettes on creature development, costume design and sound design (totalling 36 minutes), three video blogs (10 minutes) and four brief scene commentaries; it also comes with digital and UltraViolet versions.

Calvin Baxter

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