Top 25 Worst Sci-Fi And Fantasy TV Shows Ever

Do you remember this show? If not count yourself lucky and all is revealed at Number 18

Nobody sets out to make a bad TV show.

And very few shows are without any merit whatsoever (though there are a couple that come near). But sometimes, somehow, it all goes wrong. Maybe the scripts suck. Maybe the casting was all wrong. Often, the ambition severely overawes the budget. Occasionally, it’s a combination of all elements.

So even though there are very few shows that don’t find a fanbase of some sort (even Andromeda!), there are quite a few that are met with overriding derision.

Of course, pinpointing bad TV is trickier than singling out bad movies or books. They’re one-off affairs, whereas TV shows are a series of episodes, sometimes spread over numerous seasons. So you can have shows that start off horrendously, but come good eventually (though in many cases – Outcasts being a recent example – the improvement comes too late). Or decent shows can go seriously off-course into Turkeyville (season two of Buck Rogers In The 25th Century anyone?). We’re not going to include them (though some of the voting panel did think we should make a special case for Torchwood: Miracle Day) and concentrates on shows that were persistent and consistent offenders.

Admittedly in some cases this is a little unfair as they didn’t get a chance to improve, but hey, they may have grown even worse. We’re just going on the evidence we have at hand.

You know Demons will be in the list… but where?

For your information, this list was compiled in two stages. We started off with a shout-out on Facebook, mainly to make sure there weren’t any serious offenders that we’d forgotten about (and there were). But, truly, this could not be a straight reader vote because when it comes to “worst” lists, that’s open to partisanism (for example. Buffy and Alphas got a good few votes on Facebook, and I don’t think anybody hand on heart could say they really were the worst shows ever).

So then the (sensible) suggestions went to an expert panel comprising the SFX team and various trusted freelancers, and that’s how we arrived at this list.

Sorry if your favourite show ever is on there. But if your favourite show ever is number one… well, Orwell did say that being in a minority of one doesn’t make you mad. But it does make you very, very strange.

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