The Avengers’ Success Causes Rethinks On Del Toro’s Hulk Show

Wondering what’s happening with the proposed Guillermo del Toro-produced Hulk TV series? Seems that the phenomenal success of The Avengers has caused a bit of a rethink.

“Right now all I know is the official word I was given is that there’s a writer they want,” del Toro tells ShockTillYouDrop. “They are very interested in me meeting with him. He’s very, very busy. The official word is we are holding, but I don’t know… After Avengers having the success it had, perhaps the fate of the project may change. Right now officially what I know – and I’m not hiding anything off the record or anything – is that we were told we were waiting for this writer, and we were going to do it with him.”

We’re left wondering who he means by “they”? ABC, the network that was backing the show? Or Marvel? Either way, you can’t help putting two-and-two together and coming up with Joss Whedon. ABC will be working with Whedon on the SHIELD TV series, and Marvel is basically using Whedon as the consultant on all its live action adaptations at the moment. And he is “very, very busy.” It seems logical that either of both ABC and Marvel would want Whedon to have a role in a Hulk TV series. But we have to face the possibility that that role might be to tell del Toro, “Sorry, mate, we just can’t make your version of Hulk work in our universe.” Then again, maybe they can.

Del Toro does reveal a few other comic characters he might consider for a live action makeover, though:

“The superheroes I like and that I would like to get involved with are all monsters, be it Swamp Thing, Etrigan, Doctor Strange – who is not a monster, but a dark fantasy. Certainly supernatural. I would love Morbius, Blade – they have to have monsters for me to be involved.”

Hang on. Is he having a senior moment? Surely he’s done Blade? Maybe he’s considering Blade 4? Or a new Blade TV series?

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