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This year at Dragon*Con, I had the opportunity to attend the world premiere of a little film called Rock Jocks. Yes, Rock Jocks. Don’t worry. I had never heard of it, either. It wasn’t even on the con schedule at first; it was a late addition. But somehow, most likely through the wonder that is Twitter, I got word of it while at the con, and I managed to get in to its inaugural screening. All I knew about it going in was what I read on my phone after a quick Google.

A film starring Felicia Day? Okay, that’s pretty much all I needed to know. I was interested. Still, despite the fact that Rock Jocks was shown at nine o’clock on a Sunday night, I had a lot of other options for entertainment that night. This was Dragon*Con, after all. But throw in asteroids and aliens, and I was sold. While my friends went off and did Heaven knows what, I waited in line for and then saw Rock Jocks (after meeting a most lovely Nosferatu and his girlfriend, I might add).

I’m glad I did. The film is definitely independent but slick and a lot of fun. Felicia Day (The Guild, Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog) plays Alison, who can kick your butt from here to kingdom come. Kevin Wu (KevJumba of YouTube fame) is Danny, the youngster who can’t escape his father’s shadow. Robert Picardo of Voyager (and so much more) is a security guard partnered with Jason Mewes (Clerks and nearly all other Kevin Smith films), while Gerry Bednob from The 40-Year-Old Virgin is the paranoid drunk computer guy.

Do I really need to say any more? Well, okay, if you twist my arm, I’ll go on…

Doug Jones of many creature roles from Buffy to Hellboy plays Smoking Jesus (yes, that is his actual name), who is perhaps my favorite character in the film, despite a relatively minor screen presence. Then there’s Seth, the completely out-of-control fanboy played by Justin Chon of Twilight. Finally, there’s the star: Andrew Bowen (MadTV) as John, the loveable loser you just can’t help but, well, love.

This ragtag group of misfits works for the Asteroid Management Initiative, a top secret government group that protects the Earth from asteroids that might otherwise destroy us. They blast them into bits too small to cause us any harm. They’ve been doing it forever, it seems, and for them, despite the fact that their skills as advanced gamers are put to the test by their jobs, this heroic work is nothing but a night shift to be endured, like a nine-to-five for the rest of us.

Sounds like a winning combination? Hardly. These guys can’t manage to do anything right, and when their shift just happens to be selected for a Department of Defense review, their jobs and the planet’s safety is on the line.

I won’t spoil the plot, but suffice to say that high adventure and high comedy ensue and Rock Jocks is worth your time if you get the chance to see it and don’t take your movies too seriously. I’m not sure when this might hit the UK, as they are currently doing only selected (and fan-requested) showings here in the States, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it will make its way around the world before we know it through the power of the internet. If you’d like more information about Rock Jocks, visit its website here.

Laura McConnell

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