Top 10 Fantasy Film Franchises Waiting To Happen

4 Temeraire

By Naomi Novik

THE STORY Set during the Napoleonic wars in an alternate history, Temeraire tells the tale of a young naval officer who finds a dragon egg. Whilst dragon eggs might be common in this version of history the one William Laurence finds is unlike any he’s seen before. When an extremely valuable Chinese dragon hatches Laurence finds himself unexpectedly bonded to it. This causes a bit of a stir since the Chinese had intended the egg for Napoleon himself. Well okay, a bit of a stir is an understatement. Laurence soon finds himself not only defending his country from the French but also his dragon from the Chinese.

Wish List Cast:

• Elijah Wood as William Laurence, the honourable and promising naval captain.
• Charlize Theron Jane Roland, the lover of Laurence and a dragon captain.
• Ray Stevenson as John Granby, the rough around the edges lieutenant who is initially resentful of Laurence.

FILMABILITY Good news Temeraire fans, Peter Jackson, (yes, yes the Peter Jackson) has picked up the film rights already. Whilst he might be wrapped up in Middle-earth right now he has to come back to the real world at someone point, and when he does Temeraire will be waiting (okay he’ll be coming back to a very skewed version of the real world). It’s safe to say the series is in good hands because it’s Peter Bloody Jackson!