Top 10 Scenes Of Epic Superhero Carnage

With the arrival of a certain super-powered baby from Krypton in 1978, superhero movies took over the mantle of the ’70s disaster movies. Films like The Poseidon Adventure and The Towering Inferno did huge business early in the decade, but ever since superhero movies have been trying to out-do each other for scenes of jaw-dropping devastation. Inevitably, special effects have improved since then, and the on-screen carnage has become more and more impressive. Avengers Assemble, out on DVD on 17 September, features a spectacular battle for New York that will be hard to beat – but where does it rank on our list?

Compiled by: Neil Ramsden

10 The Dark Knight

Damaged: Gotham General

Culprit: The Joker

It might be just one building on the receiving end in this instance, but the destruction of Gotham General Hospital is on a grand scale.

A memorable moment in a film full of stand-out moments, the Joker’s destruction of the hospital is just another example of chaos for its own sake. One of Heath Ledger’s great pieces of improvisation, his miffed reaction to the measly initial explosion is both funny and chilling.

It’s also a spectacularly good example of practical film-making: director Chris Nolan blew up the old Brachs Candy factory in Chicago for real, resulting in an explosion which could be seen city-wide. Of course, it had to be done in one take, including Ledger’s oh so casual reaction to being so close.