Kick-Ass 2 Director Tweets Teasing Pics From Preproduction

Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Red Mist) meets Mother Russia


Kick-Ass 2 director has been “doing a Diesel” (that surely must have become lingo by now?) and kicking off his own personal PR campaign for the film on Twitter. He tweeted a while series of pics from preproduction yesterday, including a tease of whoever’s going to be playing Mother Russia (she looks… big!) and the motorbike that will become Hit Girl’s bike… after a coat of paint.

“Guess what color we’re gonna paint it?” tweeted Wadlow.

“I am totally keeping it,” Hit Girl actress Moretz tweeted back.

“You’re gonna have to fight Mother Russia for it…” replied Wadlow.

We’d pay to see that fight. (Erm, in fact we probably will do when the film comes out…)

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