Top 10 Sci-Fi And Fantasy Redheads

You’ve probably noticed that Princess Merida, star of Pixar’s new animated adventure, Brave, has red hair. Lots and lots of red hair. In fact, if you consider that fewer than 4% of the world’s population has ginger hair, we reckon she’s somehow made off with at least 50% of it.

Although it’s not the first time that we’ve had an animated heroine with such fiery locks (Ariel from The Little Mermaid is another Disney example), the sheer in-your-faceness of Merida’s mane has prompted people to start talking about it as though it’s something new.

We say to those people: “Where have you been?” Science-fiction and fantasy is stuffed with redheads! Jayne Nelson – a redhead at time of writing this – counts down the ten best examples of fabulous ginger hair in this fine old genre of ours…

10 Jessica Hamby

True Blood


Colour: Strawberry blonde.

From a bottle? Nope, all natural (as far as we can see).

It’s hard to imagine Deborah Ann Woll’s newbie vampire without her gorgeous strawberry blonde hair, which is as much a part of her character as her pointy fangs and blood-red lippy. With the majority of True Blood‘s cast (defiantly bottle-red waitress Arlene aside) either blondes or brunettes, Jessica’s ginger hair stands out a mile and serves to make her unique. Hell, recently the show’s been hiring so many pretty women with dark hair they’re getting hard to tell apart; no fear of that with Jessica.

People with red hair often have very pale skin, which also gives Woll an edge when it comes to looking like a vampire – we reckon she must use 50% less white vampire make-up than the rest of the cast. Perhaps that explains why she looks so damn perfect with fangs.