The Dinosaur Project REVIEW

The Dinosaur Project.

Release Date: 10 August 2012 (also released on DVD/Blu-ray on 27 August)
12A | 83 minutes
Distributor: StudioCanal
Director: Sid Bennett
Cast:Richard Dillane, Matt Kane, Peter Brooke

Picture one of those daft TV movies you find on Syfy with names like Mega-squid cs Tyrannopiranha, ramp up the production values (but only a little) and toss in some surprisingly decent CGI. You’re left with The Dinosaur Project, which still reeks of a low budget and a poor script but has just enough charm to be worth a look – particularly if you have kids who like watching giant reptiles eating people.

The film follows a team of explorers who travel to the Congo to see if rumours of a Nessie-style creature could be true: one helicopter crash later, they encounter a lost kingdom of dinosaurs. Then things turn predictably bloody…

Richard Dillane, as their leader, is basically Sam Neill from Jurassic Park with a bit more of a grump on, while his teenage son and a jealous co-worker are just there to hit all the cliché buttons. A few unexpected twists that mark it out as interesting (the running order of the deaths isn’t quite what you’d expect, for example) and the dinos are a cut above most films of this nature – particularly one little cutie who’s basically dino-Lassie. Admirably, the vast majority of the action is shot on location, with some white-water rafting to spice up the scenes with no reptiles in.

Despite the plus points, though, it’s still a cheesy, childish adventure which tries very hard not to be the TV movie it actually is.

Jayne Nelson

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