Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer Analysis

A case of Dinosaurs Not On A Spaceship Any More here, as the Doctor’s pursued across a beach by pterodactyls. Or is it pteranodons? We never can remember the difference. Anyhow, presumably they eventually get loose on Earth.

This looks to be Southerndown Beach, last seen in “The Time Of Angels” (when it was the site of the crash of the Byzantium). That's probably just a case of the Beeb reusing the same locations.

““A Town Called Mercy” again, with the Doctor on horseback, but that’s not the only riding he gets up to…

… he also rides on the back of a Triceratops!

This isn’t the first time the Doctor’s met dinosaurs of course...

… but these effects are just a bit more effective than the rubbish puppets of 1974’s “Invasion Of The Dinosaurs”, as this video illustrates…

“Face me!” This shouty cyborg chap from “A Town Called Mercy” seems to be challenging the Doctor to a spot of gunslinging.

KABOOM! Is that a planet blowing up? Is it the same ice planet we saw earlier? Or maybe it’s one of those massive Dalek motherships like the one Davros had in "The Stolen Earth". Maybe this is the Dalek vessel we saw the Doctor in earlier?

Oh no, is Amy dead? Probably not, given that this looks like episode one and we know that she leaves in episode five.

Doctor Who series 7 begins later this month on BBC 1.

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