10 Tragic Spaceship And Sci-Fi Car Destruction Scenes

“My God, Bones, what have I done?”


Many of the sci-fi shows we watch and love have a crucial element in them week-in week-out that is just as important as any cast member, though no actor ever plays it, and, unless the show happens to be named after it, it never gets a mention in the credits.

We’re talking about the cars and spaceships that carry our heroes from adventure to adventure and in some cases are called home. These vehicles are an integral part of the TV shows and films they feature in. And when we lose them, their demise can impact just as much as losing a living breathing cast member… It’s the sci-fi equivalent of having a tornado rip through town.

10  SSV Normandy SR-1

Mass Effect

The only game vehicle in our list is at number ten. The Normandy SR-1 was at the heart of your journey throughout the first Mass Effect game. She was the bucket of bolts that held the crew together literally and emotionally. It was common to spend hours running between decks, chatting with the crew and bedding sexy blue alien ladies. Together you saved the galaxy from a Reaper threat (albeit temporarily) but in the highly charged opening of Mass Effect 2 the Normandy goes down in flames.

No wonder they pulled a Star Trek and built another, near-identical, but significantly bigger Normandy for you to pilot in the sequel. For the gamers out there this should be especially emotional; certain members of the SFX team became all misty-eyed just arguing for its inclusion in this list…