Skyfall teaser – the SFX breakdown

Now pay attention, agents… Time for a mission debrief on the Skyfall teaser trailer that debuted today (you can watch it below if you haven’t seen it already)

Our first glimpse of Bond finds him standing sentinel above Whitehall like some Savile Row-clad Batman watching over Gotham City. It’s a novel way to present 007 – for a British hero it’s always surprising how few of his adventures actually take place on these shores. Now he’s being sold to us as a superhero for the Jubilee year.

Intriguingly, Bond’s undergoing some kind of psychological evaluation. “Murder…” prompts the Mi6 shrink, playing word association. “Employment,” replies Bond, not missing a beat, a reminder of how Ian Fleming always saw his hero as a “blunt instrument”, a frequently conflicted state assassin with a solid government pension plan. When Bond matches “Agent” with “Provocateur”, however, you have to wonder if the old horndog’s thinking of the lingerie chain…

Here’s Ralph Fiennes, clearly part of Mi6 high command. That should finally scotch those Blofeld rumours. Unless…

Berenice Marlohe – the enigmatic Severine – stands high above a glittering Shanghai skyline. Roger Deakins’ cinematography is definitely going to be a treat in this movie. There’s more than a hint of Blade Runner’s luscious neon shimmer in these shots.

Bond gives it some cool one-handed blasting. Note the Connery style pocket hankerchief. Dapper.

After Afghanistan, this shot of Union Jack-draped coffins feels as though it’s tapping into a raw wound in the British psyche – far removed from the way Bond’s red, white and blue parachute delivered the biggest laugh in 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me, another Jubilee year entry. Who are these victims? M’s presence suggests they may be recently deceased Mi6 operatives.

Lit by lanterns, Bond prepares to enter the Floating Dragon casino in Macau. There’s something hugely exotic and evocative about this sequence, very much in tune with the sense of spooky Eastern weirdness in Fleming’s novel of You Only Live Twice. It’s an image that tingles with mythic associations – it’s Bond entering the jaws of death…

Our first look at Naomi Harris as Eve, giving Bond an erotically charged shave. This must be the sequence where he loses the uncharacteristic stubble he was rocking in the earliest promo shots.

Bond races through London. Feels like we’re in Spooks territory.

One of the more painterly shots in the teaser, and another great example of Deakins’ fine eye. Bond and M look out over the mist-wreathed Highlands as they return to Bond’s roots in Scotland. And yes, that’s the Aston Martin DB5, though there’s still no word on whether its packing its traditional arsenal of gadgets. God forbid Dame Judi suffers the indignity of the ejector seat…

A tube train derails in what’s sure to be one of Skyfall’s ultra-adrenalised setpiece sequences. We know from Die Another Day that Mi6 maintain a subterranean network of secret outposts in the London underground – maybe these are the victims M will soon be mourning?

Who is this silhouetted figure, watching as an ancient manor house erupts in flames? Could it be our first glimpse of Xavier Bardem as the mysterious Silva? And is that burning pile really Bond’s ancestral home, as whispers suggest…?

Skyfall opens in the UK on October 26

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Nick Setchfield