The SFX Factor: Vote For The Greatest SF & Fantasy TV Opening Titles Ever


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The SFX Factor Returns! After the mega success we had with the first SFX Factor – in which we got you to vote for your favourite singing sci-fi stars – we thought we’d have another audience-voted musical showdown.

And this time it’s a celebration of vibrant voice-overs, thumping themes, tunnel vision, silhouettes and abstract art. Yes, we want you to vote for your favourite telefantasy opening title sequence.

And, as with the previous SFX Factor, it’s an elimination game. You need to come back each day to discover who’s been eliminated. And each day the voting is set back to zero, so you need to keep on voting for your favourites to keep them in the race.

Choosing the contenders

Round one has happened already. If you didn’t notice it, that because you haven’t Friended us on Facebook. We asked our Facebook followers to suggest opening title sequences, and from those suggestions the SFX expert panel has to whittle down the hopefuls to 25. It was a bit like that bit in the real X-Factor where Cowell and co judge who’s going to make it through from the auditions. That was our input, but from here on in, you are in control.

Now we know these things can be partisan, and people just vote for their favourite shows, but if you can, try to be objective. After all, you’ll see the SFX panel hasn’t put through any Whedon shows (and you know we love Whedon) because while some of their opening credits have been good, none of them really struck as a “best ever”.

Three Votes, Three Losers

And to kick things off… a triple elimination. Yep, tomorrow morning THREE of these shows will be booted out.

And to make things even more interesting, for this opening round (and this opening round only) you can vote for your THREE favourite shows. The three shows with the least votes will then be booted out, and anybody who voted for them will have to vote for something else…

So what are you waiting for? Watch the 25 contenders over the next five pages, then use the voting form on the final page to make your opinion count.

And remember, calls from mobile will be pointless…

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