Grabbers: Primeval & Being Human Stars Get Drunk To Defeat Alien

Primeval‘s Ruth Bradley has been speaking to Cultbox about director Jon (Tormented) Wright’s low-budget Brit-flick Grabbers, describing it as a “mad-cap comedy monster horror romantic movie”.

The film, which was shown at the Sundance film festival in January, stars  Bradley, Richard Coyle (Strange) and Russell Tovey (Being  Human), will be released in UK cinemas later this year.

Bradley, who played Emily Merchant in the last two series of Primeval, reveals: “It’s set on this island off of Ireland and this washed-up policeman lives there. Basically, this alien from the sea comes and sucks everyone’s blood on the island. And they figure out that the only way he won’t such your blood and kill you is if you’re drunk, as he’s allergic to alcohol.

“I’d never played drunk like that before, pretty much non-stop. We had a little experiment where the director filmed us and we watched it back the next day and it was horrific. It’s something nobody should ever have to watch, it was not very flattering!”