20 Things We Love About Fringe

11 Fauxlivia

It’s no secret that most Fringe fans, as much as they love the show, find Olivia Dunham a tad dull. And it’s understandable: she does come off as a little cold at times. Some blamed Anna Torv, saying it must be the actress’s lack of charisma… but boy, did they eat their words when we got our first chance to meet Olivia’s alternate universe twin, soon cheekily nicknamed Fauxlivia.

This version of Olivia cracks jokes, has sex, has better hair (ironic how a fringe can make such a difference in Fringe) and even seems to enjoy her life (gasp!). Bizarrely, her liveliness ended up making Torv’s performance as our Olivia look magical in its coolness. Now that’s acting.

12 It’s Wotsername!

Astro. Asteroid. Asterisk. Asterix. Ashram. Astrid. Ostrich. Aspirin. Astral. One of these is correct; the rest are Walter’s attempts to remember who the hell his lab assistant is. It’s always hilarious.

13 The Episode “Peter”

No prizes for figuring out what this second season episode is about. The story of Walter’s desperate quest to save his dying son and his fateful, world-destroying final decision is told with extraordinary sensitivity in flashback form – and the astonishing make-up and digital effects used to make the actors seem younger add to “Peter”’s brilliance. The lynchpin episode on which all of Fringe rests.

14 Lincoln Lee

Fringe has a way of subtly sneaking characters under your nose until you suddenly realise you adore them. Nowhere is this more evident than with Seth Gabel’s Lincoln Lee. Originally a stranger to us because he only appeared in the parallel universe Fringe Division, he’s since popped up over here, too (as a geek, no less, rather than his kick-ass soldier alternate self) and now both Lincolns have a mega-crush on Olivias who are apparently completely unaware of his puppy-dog-eyed love. This naturally makes Lincoln adorable, although don’t tell Alt-Lincoln that because he has a bloody big gun. Our Lincoln would probably just blush under his enormous nerdy specs…

15 Will They/Won’t They/They Did/Except Not Really

It’s been a long, beautifully understated romance that even they weren’t aware of most of the time, but Peter and Olivia are clearly Meant To Be Together. Which made it all the more awkward when along came Fauxlivia to seduce Peter while pretending to be Olivia. Emotional tension? Fringe is rather good at it. And though this particular plot thread seems to have reached a conclusion with an Observer playing matchmaker, we’re waiting for the cruel twist…