Top 200 Sexiest Characters In Sci-Fi

Are you ready for the hottest countdown you ever read on this website? Here they are – the results of our Sexiest Characters In Sci-Fi & Fantasy Ever poll, as voted for by you!

It’s a brilliantly eclectic mix and while, as always, current shows and recent films nab the lion’s share of the positions, we’re glad to see some fabulously sexy classic sci-fi and fantasy characters putting in a good showing too. Wait till you see who’s at number three in the women’s list!

And just for fun, we paired the top 100 sexiest men

in order with the Top 100 sexiest women…

…No real reason, we just thought we’d like to see which couples looked more likely to hit it off and which ones would scratch each other’s eyes out

A couple of points:

• We were asking you to vote for characters rather than actors, so some actors have multipler placings.

• Also the boundaries between whether a character is another character or just a different aspect of the same character became blurred at times, so we’ve done our best to adjudicate – you may disagree. Tough luck.

• So you don’t have to trawl through every page if you don’t want to, we offered jump links at the bottom of every page for more relaxed browsability. You can cheat and look at the Top 10 right now if you want!

100 Sarah Jane Smith

Doctor Who

Played by: Elisabeth Sladen

Doctor Who

Played by: Arthur Darvill

Love match? Well, they’re both from the Whoniverse, so they could certainly meet. And all that time-travelling means the age gap need not be a problem. But Sarah Jane is married to her job, so Rory would have to work hard to turn her head. And he’ll need to be a good dad. She adopts alien kids like some kind of sci-fi Angelina Jolie…

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