21 Essential Sci-Fi And Fantasy Videogames

Prepare for gaming nostalgia! Here’s our list of the SFXiest computer and console games from back in the day [updated]

With everyone we know seemingly playing Mass Effect 3 – if they can tear themselves away from Skyrim – the gamers on SFX thought it was time to dust down this classic feature from our archives.

We’re not claiming that this is the definitive list of groundbreaking retro videogames nor international bestsellers. Such a list would be massive! And of course would include greats like StarCraft, 3D Monster Maze, Dune II, Asteroids, God Of War, Myst

Instead this includes representatives from our favourite genres, designed to highlight some of the most noteworthy titles of yesteryear. You’ll find games here that are just plain interesting or whose legacy echoes down through the years into today’s blockbusters. For instance, although we’re immense fans of Oblivion and Skyrim (indeed our Editor-in-Chief won’t shut the hell up about it), we’ve selected Morrowind as our example of why the Elder Scrolls RPG series is awesome. BioWare’s Mass Effect (pictured here) and Dragon Age series are wonderful, but many consider their significant forerunner to be Knights Of The Old Republic so that’s what appears in our line-up. You’ll find our choices explained alongside each one. By all means let us know your favourites in the comments thread below.

We hope you’ll be inspired to track down these virtual worlds, either from that box in your attic, from second hand gaming stores or on emulators where available. If you’ve been waggling joysticks since the very earliest days of gaming, you’ll find something in the next few pages to bring a nostalgic tear to your eye. However, if you’ve never so much as picked up a joypad in your life you’ll soon discover there’s a ton of inspiring sci-fi, fantasy and horror stories waiting for you to experience.

Ready to play? Then here we go, in no particular order…