Spurious Awards Of The Week

Shed Of The Week

Bring the Shire to your back garden with a Hobbit hole shed. Four to choose from. $3,000 each. Somewhere to keep your flowerpots and spare arrows. [via I09]


Collectible Of The Week

Lego has unveiled an official one-third-scale, 2,127-piece R2-D2 set, complete with rotating dome and retractable third leg, but no secret hologram message from Princess Leia, sadly. The Ultimate Collector Series R2-D2 goes on sale in the US in May, priced at $179.99.


Minimalist Art Of The Week

While we’re on the subject of Lego, can you work out what the above image is supposed to represent? It’s part of a new Lego ad campaign by Hamburg-based agency Jung von Matt featuring minimal Lego brick versions of characters from several popular comics and animated shows. Others include The Simpsons and South Park, but this one is a more SFX related. Click on the link for the answer.


Rubbish Timing Of The Week

Film production company Lionsgate announced on Friday that it was set to reboot Leprechaun, the six-film horror franchise that kicked off in 1993 starring Warwick Davis as the devious creature of Irish legend. But if they’d waited one more day, they could have made the announcement on the much more fitting St Patrick’s day. Then again, if they had, they’d probably have found themselves in the middle of a media storm about cultural stereotyping… which we might too now for even suggesting the idea. Forget we said anything.


Themed Edit Of The Week

All the breaking glass in Total Recall. Why? Erm… dunno. But it’d definitely spurious.


Manicure Of The Week

Via Blame It On The Voices.


Musical Of The Week

The follow-up to Conan The Musical once again has an Arnie Schwarzenegger character bursting into song and wrapping his Austrian accent round some rhyming couplets. This time it’s Mr Freeze from Batman And Robin, belting out an impressively Danny Elfman-tinged power ballad about “Batman… you son of a bitch.” Low on really ropey ice-related gags, though.

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