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Frank Borzage's Moonrise


Frank Borzage

“He’s a director that I learned about in college that I adore. He worked in the silent films, and then in melodramas in the 1930s through the 1950s. He’s largely forgotten by the greater community, but a lot of his movies were very big — 7th Heaven, The Mortal Storm and Three Comrades in particular are still regarded as absolute classics. He just had this uncompromising transcendence about his work that unified everything he did. There was always an extraordinary amount of humour and life and texture in everything he did, but, usually, transcendence through death. There was usually somebody giving up their life for something. He did a noir, Moonrise, that was just heartbreaking. He was always very, very attuned to the idea of the human soul, and what it meant. And his work was gorgeous.”