Judge Dredd vs Zombie game updated

2000 AD‘s mobile game which pits Dredd against a zombie horde now has added Judge Anderson! And will soon be available on Android too

Judge Dredd Vs Zombies hit iPhone, iPod touch and iPad back in December but version 1.3 is available now. The new version (which remains free) adds an a new Arena Mode where you can test Dredd to destruction across I-Block 188, Chem Plant and Sump Clinic – chase high scores to earn credit rewards and compete with friends on the new leaderboards. There are daily rewards for the committed law enforcer in Crime Sweep mode and you can (hooray!) visit Judge Anderson and make an appointment with future crime. All this plus visual upgrades; new lighting, bigger and better weapon effects and special equipment at bargain prices.

In the game, you take on the role of one of the world’s most famous comic book heroes, Dredd himself. He is the Law in Mega-City One and he is none too pleased when zombies invade.

Help him punish these unlawful undead invaders with the Lawgiver pistol and an arsenal of alternative weapons.

UPDATE: The game will soon be available on Android platforms too. “Judge Dredd vs Zombies has been a runaway hit on the iPad and iPhone and we’ve been delighted with the response from both Dredd fans and casual gamers,” Jason Kingsley, CEO of Rebellion, announced on Tuesday 29 February. “We’ve had a lot of calls for the game on other platforms, particularly Android, so we’ve decided to adapt it. It’s a very addictive game and one that we’re very pleased to now be able to bring to millions of other devices around the world.”

Find out more about Judge Dredd Vs Zombies on the Apple App Store.

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