Doctor Who Worlds In Time: Caroline Skinner Interview

You say the game’s going to be going on for a long time, is the game part of your 50th Anniversary plans? After all it isn’t that far away now…

“It’s not that far away at all, and isn’t it exciting?! Yeah, everything is part of the 50th anniversary plans at the moment and they’re going to be really huge. I’m not quite sure exactly what we’ll do with the game yet to be honest, but we’re in conversations about that at the moment, so I’m sure there’ll be lots of exciting things for us to add in for November 2013.”

Are you planning on releasing any more Adventure Games in the near future?

“I can’t really confirm at the moment, but I’m sure that we will…” (UPDATE: Apparently not)

Do you see multiplayer gaming a way for you to build up a community surrounding the show?

“I certainly hope so. Doctor Who is a show everybody talks about and there’s something really thrilling for me about the idea that it’s a completely new and different forum for fans to meet and interact, so yes!”

The game is puzzle-based. How important was that decision for a Doctor Who game?

“The thing with the Doctor is that every time you meet him he’s the most clever, brilliant, wonderful person that you want to go on an adventure through time and space with, and in many ways the essence of the game being about solving complicated puzzles which astound and surprise you when you manage to do it feels as if it’s absolutely pertinent to his character and what he does every week in the show. He’s got a sonic screwdriver and a huge amount of imagination, not going round shooting people!”

Speaking of shooting, we hear you’ve started shooting series seven of the show.

“Yes, it’s very exciting. We had our first read-through a coupe of weeks ago, which was a huge pleasure. Two brilliant scripts.”

Does that mean the first episodes are a two-parter?

“No, what we tend to do is shoot in a block, so one director will do a couple of episodes. Those two are individual stories.”

We take it the first one at least is written by Steven Moffat?

“It is indeed written by Steven and it’s going to blow everybody’s mind.”

Are all the scripts written now?

“No, if only. But we’ve got a lot of them and the ones that are written are really, really epic and very exciting.”

We’re all big fans of The Fades in the office. Is there going to be a second series?

“There are talks about it and it hasn’t been confirmed yet.”

Aw, we wanted to hear there’s definitely going to be one.

“You and me both.”

Back to games. You’re releasing another Doctor Who game, The Eternity Clock, next month. How do you see the two going together?

“I have played both of them and I think that they’re both really brilliant pieces of work. My view is that they cover very different ground, partly in terms of the way that you play them because The Eternity Clock has a very different feel to it. You’ve got the much more realistic characters that are based on Matt Smith and Alex Kingston for instant and using the voice technology. I think you could happily play both those games in a day and feel that you’d had a very different experience with both of them.”


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