Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim Is “Mindblowing” Say Scripters

They hope some effects scenes will be ready to show at Comic-Con

The scriptwriters on Guillermo del Toro’s giant monster epic Pacific Rim, Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, could hardly contain their excitement in a interview with Fear Net.

“It’s giant monsters versus giant robots, and Guillermo del Toro is the only person who could bring it to you.” they enthuse. “That was an amazing experience… We went in and met Guillermo, and he started showing us the tests by ILM. They were just mind-blowing. I think they’ll probably show something at Comic-Con 2012. Because they should be done by then, or close to done by then. I’m telling you, it’s gonna rule Hall H when Guillermo, the king of geeks, comes out and shows some of the stuff he’s shot. People are gonna be blow away… Bring dad, bring the kids, bring everybody, and hold on.”

“This is a PG movie,” they continue, “but it’s got all the traits of a Guillermo movie, with the monsters and the younger characters and the things that go bump in the night… It’s pretty great.”

Pacific Rim is due to hit UK cinemas in the summer of 2013.