Eve Myles Interview: Torchwood, Doctor Who & All New People

Do you think Torchwood is coming back?

“Every year I get asked that question! I don’t know.”

It’s all a bit up in limbo at the moment isn’t it?

“Well, it always had been. This is no different to me and John from the first series on. There’s always been a 15-16 month gap. In my heart I don’t think it’s the end. If I did think it had reached the end of its natural life, I’d be the first one to say, ‘I’m out of here.’ But it doesn’t feel like the end. I don’t ever want to over-egg the pudding, of course, and I never want to come back with something that people are expecting, either. We’ve always come back different, with something people have loved or hated, and that’s what we want to do again, otherwise we won’t keep making this program because people will get bored.”

“I don’t know, is the real answer. Nobody knows. But I hope so. I can’t let her go yet. I’m not ready to let her go yet. I’ve got another series in me. Or I’ve got another film in me.”

A film? Is that just wishful thinking or a possibility?

“I’d love to see it come back as a movie – a whopping big, kick ass movie, full of action, full of story… Jack, Gwen, Rhys, a huge problem and something extraordinary. But if it comes back it’s always going to be extraordinary, because it’s Russell. I’m just hoping that one day I get to put my leather jacket back on.”

I think there are a lot of people that quite like that leather look.

“There’s a lot of leather! And every year they tend to get tighter and tighter with the costumes. Look, I like a glass of wine; I like a good steak; I never turn down a plate of chips. I love making cake and eating it. I’m a fool for food – I love it. That’s the way I am!

“But I train really hard, not to lose weight so much as to be fit and healthy and to make sure I’ve got good stamina. I eat what I want, drink what I want, but I work out and I’m enjoying what I do. I’m a firm believer in that. There’s a lot of joy to be had in food.

“Then you go to Hollywood and you think, ‘Jesus Christ, these girls make me look like a heifer!’ But I’m never changing myself, I’m a happy person.

“One change with Gwen Cooper for Miracle Day is we gave her this bra, and I swear to god I’ve never seen anything so sci-fi in my life. This bra looked like it was… well I don’t know how it was constructed. They gave it to me and I went, ‘Are you serious? All this running and fighting and jumping about I do – I’ll poke someone’s eye out! Or I’m going to break a lens. I’ve got huge breasts, I cannot wear this scaffolding!’

“Gwen Cooper is not about tits and arse, she’s a real woman, that’s why I love playing her. So I just took this bra home. I didn’t wear it for the show because it was ridiculous. The costume designer did say to me, ‘I’m gonna pull you out of the nunnery and I’m gonna bring you straight into Hollywood.’ And I went ‘You can try!’”

How much do you recall about your very first entry into the Doctor Who universe, way back in “The Unquiet Dead”? Surely it seemed like just another job at the time?

“I wasn’t meant to do ‘The Unquiet Dead’. I don’t think anyone knows that. I was booked in for another job. I was meant to be doing theatre and my agent said, ‘They want to see you for a part for Doctor Who but it’s clashing with this job.’ And I said ‘Well, it’s Doctor Who!’ It’s like the biggest show in the world and they’re bringing it back and Chris [Eccleston] is one of my favourite actors of all time – he’s wonderful.

“So I did the audition, and it went okay, I think. My boyfriend picked me up and he said, ‘You have changed, haven’t you, since the audition? Do you know what you’re wearing?’ I looked down, and I’d auditioned for Gwyneth, this lovely, sweet girl who saves the world and speaks very lovely Welsh, wearing an, ‘I Support Nudist Colonies’ T-shirt, with two naked women making out. I just went, ‘Well, I’ve blown that.’

“Two days later I got the offer, and my agent said, ‘Right this is a conundrum – you’re also booked on this theatre job. What are we going to do?’ And I said, ‘Well I don’t want to let anybody down, I don’t want one job to be more important that the other.’ So she said, ‘Right, we’re gonna work for Doctor Who,’ and I said, ‘Great, thank God!’ because that was what I really wanted.’ So my agent asked the play if they’d let me go, and they didn’t think twice. They said, ’This is a huge opportunity for you and you’ve got to do it.’

“But not once did I think to myself that Russell T Davies had got his eyes on me to play Gwen Cooper in his new series… Never. But it was the biggest audition of my life. I was just hoping to God I didn’t let him down.”