Sci-Fi & Fantasy’s 14 Greatest Romances

9 Zoe & Wash

From: Firefly

Wash: “We’ll be in our bunk.”

On the surface, Wash and Zoe seem to be the odd couple – indeed, as we learn in a flashback episode, Zoe hated her future husband at first sight. And yet somehow his self-effacing funnyman and her ass-kicking soldier fit together like Cinderella and her glass slipper, making theirs a true fairytale romance.

During the course of Firefly’s sadly shortened run we got to see them fight, make up, deal with torture, save lives, lose lives (sniff) and, most of all, adore each other in a totally believable, down-to-earth manner. Their unlikely attraction also served to free up Mal Reynolds from fancying his second-in-command to pine over Inara instead – another romance that could have featured on this list, if only they’d had a chance to do anything about it. Shame.