Sci-Fi & Fantasy’s 14 Greatest Romances

A romantic treat for Valentine’s Day

Compiled with the impromptu help of the users on our SFX Facebook page. And 14 because, well, it’s the 14th…

14 Buttercup & Westley

From: The Princess Bride

Westley: “This is true love – you think this happens every day?”

You have to marvel at Buttercup’s character arc in The Princess Bride: she goes from bossing around the farm boy who seems incapable of saying anything except for “As you wish”, to preparing to stick a knife in her breast when she can’t spend the rest of her life with him (causing him to remark that there’s a shortage of perfect breasts in the world and it would be a shame). Now that’s love, right there.

When it comes down to it, Westley and Buttercup are the perfect fairytale couple: they barely speak, they don’t act on their feelings until it’s too late and they spend most of their time apart. Yet their love is so profound that Westley can forgive Buttercup for almost marrying another man (to be fair, she was forced into it) and she can forgive him for being a vicious pirate who never told her he wasn’t dead. They’re not bad at kissing, either, even if young Fred Savage isn’t that fond of hearing about their smooches.