Friday Link-A-Mania

The film formerly known as Oblivion, Doctor Who, Dredd, Atlantis Rising, Amazing Spider-Man, Jack The Giant Killer

• Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner reassures us that, “Karl Urban will not remove his helmet and will not kiss his costar,” in the new film based on his most famous creation, Dredd. He enthuses about the films stars, “They’re well cast and they handled their parts well. Olivia Thirlby is perfect as Anderson, the young psi judge. She gives the character a touching vulnerability.” [via the LA Times]

• Olga Kurylenko (Quantum Of Solace) and Andrea Riseborough (The Devil’s Whore, W.E.) have both joined Tom Cruise in Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinksi’s next sci-fi epic (which was being called Oblivion, but is officially currently nameless). They will play Vika and Julia respectively. Based on Kosinski’s own Radical Publishing comic, the film is set in a future where on a future, irradiated Earth. Cruise plays Jak, a maintenance drone working on the planet’s surface alongside Vika. But then they discover Julia in a crashed ship and Jak’s whole world is thrown into question. [via ComingSoon]

• Platinum Studios and producer Mark Canton (300, Immortals) are developing Platinum Studios’ comic book Atlantis Rising as a potential new ongoing film franchise. Created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Atlantis Rising was first published as a five-issue mini-series. The story is set in a secret undersea civilisation over 10,000 years old. “Atlantis Rising has the franchise potential of Men In Black, which I green lit for Scott while at Sony’s Columbia Tristar Motion Picture Companies,” says Canton. “I’m looking forward to bringing it to the screen as a dynamic, state of the art action thriller.” And cynical cinema critics look forward to headlines with “sunk” in the title. [via ComingSoon]

• Warners has moved back Bryan Singer’s Jack The Giant Killer 3D nine months from 15 June 2012 to 22 March, 2013. [via The Hollywood Reporter]

Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb promises a trailer for the film within the next month. [via ComicBookMovies]

Doctor Who News is reporting that Mark Gatiss and Torchwood writer John Fay are both expected to provide scripts for Doctor Who season seven.