Spurious Awards Of The Week


Force-Fed Delicacy Of The Week

Clearly made from a Galaxy far, far away (it is the time of year for Christmas cracker jokes, right) these chocolate ewoks and their similarly edible village are the creation of The Infinite Yums. (via Retroist)

Inflatable Spaceship Of The Week

Those Belgians. They’re so funny! At least if there’s a warp core breach, all you need to repair it is a sticky plaster. Apparently, there’ll be instructions on how to build your own Enterprise on www.instructables.com soon (we can’t find ’em yet).

Advert Of The Week

And while we’re on the subject of Enterprises made out of weird shit…

Insidious Political Message Of The Week

The Muppets are damned pinko Communist revolutionaries! That’s according to the talking heads on a US money programme on the Fox Business Network. In an article on The Muppet Movie last week, the panel of gasbag economic experts slammed the film’s villain, Tex Richman, for being a metaphor for the oil industry. “Liberal Hollywood depicting a successful business man as evil? That’s not new,” said anchor Eric Bolling. Well, sometimes a cliché is a cliché because it’s true, folks. When asked to comment, Kermit said, “It isn’t easy being red.” Possibly.

A Little Light(saber) Music Of The Week

Lightsabers are just so versatile, aren’t they?

Daftest Headline Of The Week

First reaction to that headline: WHAT? They’ve only just noticed? Science fiction practically IS mainstream cinema. Then you read the article and you realise it’s about the science fiction concepts in films like Mike Cahill’s Another Earth and Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia, which are about as mainstream as Bolivian installation art. Someone on The Guardian is clearly living in the Bizarro universe. Either that or the piece was written under a pseudonym by Margaret Atwood.

Moving Wallpaper Of The Week

Timelapse sequences from Skyrim? Seriously? What’s the point…? Erm, other than they’re hypnotically beautiful and we’ve been staring at them for hours. Not sure about the music though. The visuals are all ambient-y and relaxing but the music is too lively. Why not just use the in-game music instead?

Makeover Of The Week

Mario and Luigi, if Tarantino ever decided to make a Mario movie. From http://www.artpanda.co.uk