Nick Frost As A Dwarf In Snow White And The Huntsman

Simon Pegg’s best mate in dwarvish make-up carrying a comatose Kristen Stewart

Fierce Bitch Stew, (your source for everything Kristen Stewart, apparently) has posted a whole bunch of photos or a post-poisoned apple-eating  Snow White being carried by the Dwarves in Snow White And The Huntsman. It gives us our first good look of actors such as Nick Frost (far left), Eddie Marsan (far right, in the shot below) and Toby (Dream Lord) Jones (second from right in the pic below) in Dwarvish make-up (they were only glimpsed from the back in the first trailer).

According to Comic Book Movie, the dwarves are all named after Roman emperors and played by: Ian McShane (Caesar), Bob Hoskins (Constantine), Toby Jones (Cladius), Eddie Marsan (Duir), Johnny Harris (Quert), Ray Winstone (Trajan), Nick Frost (Nion). Although, bizarrely, IMDB lists a whole different set of names. Not sure why…

Snow White And The Hunstman is released in the UK on 1 June 2012, and you can watch the much-much-better-than-you’d-expect trailer here.