Thursday Rumourville

A quick round-up of stories from round the ’net that are in need of some verification, or could make the leap from speculation to internet “fact” (if you get our drift): The Dark Knight Rises, Timeless, Watchmen 2, Man Of Steel, Avengers, Game Of Thrones

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises: Warner Bros is planning on showing a six-minute prologue for The Dark Knight Rises with Paramount’s Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol in IMAX cinemas on 16 December. (/film)

Timeless: Liam (brother of Chris) Hemsworth in talks to star in director Phillip (Salt) Noyce’s Timeless, a time travel romance about a man who builds a time machine to see his wife one last time. (moviehole)

Watchmen 2: Darwyn Cooke, J Michael Straczynski, JG Jones, Andy Kubert and Brian Azzerello all being considered by DC for the writing chores on a comic sequel to Watchmen. (Bleeding Cool)

Man Of Steel: Jor-El and Zod will have a fight scene. (Latino Review)

Avengers: Loki’s evil allies – whoever they may be – will be fan-pleasers, says Tom Hiddleston. (MTV Splash Page)

Game Of Thrones: Sean Bean would love to return to the role of Ned Stark in flashback (MTV Movies)