Transformers 4 & 5 To Shoot Back-To-Back?

With Jason Statham to star? Is Variety making this up?

Only yesterday we were reporting that Hasbro is in talks with Paramount about a fourth Transformers film. Now Variety is reporting that the plan is to shoot Transformers 4 back-to-back with Transformers 5.

The article also reckons that Shia LaBeouf is unlikely to return (which isn’t much of a surprise) and that the franchise may instead cast Jason Statham in a leading role (which is a surprise – we love Statham, but his screen persona – and age – would suggest a different direction for future Transformers films). Variety stresses though that negotiations with actor are underway yet (so the casting rumour may have just originated from a Hasbro boss going, “My wife loves that bald guy in those Crunch movies, izzat what they’re called? Can we get him?”).

Michael Bay is said to be interested in returning to direct but, again, that must be considered “file under rumour” for the moment.

Another rumour we’re hoping to start is that the film’s can’t swing into production until a focus group of 30 Hollywood suits come up with suitably rubbish subtitles for both films.