The SFX Hot 50 Preview

And by preview, we mean the Top 10. You’ll have to buy SFX #215 to discover the whole 50

Who are the most interesting people in sci-fi at the moment? Each year SFX examines the movers, the shakers and the decision makers, to compile the definitive list of people having an impact on our beloved genre.

First launched back in issue 185, the annual Hot 50 List is our guide to the people you should be watching. Discussion and debate – and more than a little foul-mouthed disagreement – fill the office as the SFXperts pull together our guide to the hottest folk in the biz. Actors, writers, directors, special effects experts, futurists, spokespeople, ambassadors, artists and high profile fans – anybody who’s connected to sci-fi, horror and fantasy could be in here, as long as we think they’re having an impact on our experience of the genre.

In 2009 the top slot went to JJ Abrams and in 2010 we picked Christopher Nolan as leader of the pack. The 2011 list appears in full in SFX issue 215, on sale from Wednesday 19 October (available digitally as well as in print – though click here if you’re in the US). Who will we identify as the hottest thing in the months ahead? All will be revealed…

10 Emma Stone


Actress, Spider-woman
Previous form After an episode of Medium she became Superbad and went to Zombieland.
The Buzz Stone kicked zombie ass in Zombieland and even got to star alongside Nathan Fillion in Tim Minear’s ill-fated series Drive, but nothing’s going to endear her to us more than her role in The Amazing Spider-Man. As Gwen Stacy she’ll be romancing Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker and then, once all the Spidey-fuss has died down, she’ll be kicking zombie ass all over again as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride And Prejudice And Zombies. What is it with this girl and the undead, anyway?