Damnation Alley – DVD Review

Wheely cheesy

Release Date: 26 September 2011
1977 | 12 | 88 minutes | £8.99
Distributor: Final Cut Entertainment
Director: Jack Smight
Cast: Jan-Michael Vincent, George Peppard, Dominique Sanda

Astonishingly costing more to make than the same year’s Star Wars, Damnation Alley (based on a Roger Zelazny novel) is so cheap-looking it could almost be a TV movie – which is kind of why it’s so much fun.

After a nuclear apocalypse, the pilot of Airwolf and the head of The A-Team team up to trek across the desert in their hilariously clunky but strangely loveable Landmaster vehicle, in search of other survivors. What they encounter are unconvincing giant scorpions, “killer” cockroaches and hairy rednecks, along with a young Rorschach (who’s ace at throwing rocks!).

Dialogue is limp and the characters are uniformly uninteresting but this is a movie firmly in the “guilty pleasure” category, thanks to stock footage of nuclear explosions, craaaazy-coloured post-apocalyptic skies and a simple, accessible plot. Drop your standards, indulge, then go out and build your own Landmaster.

Extras: None.

Russell Lewin