Charlie Chaplin’s Granddaughter Cast In Game Of Thrones

She’ll be playing Rob Stark’s love interest, Jeyne Westerling

Oona Chaplin in The Hour

Another day, another piece of Game Of Thrones casting news. Still, it makes a change from all those Dark Knight Rises and Avengers set pictures.

Oona Chaplin (Quantum Of Solace, BBC2’s The Hour), granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, has been cast as Jeyne Westerling, according to various sources. The character actually only has a minor role in the second book, Clash Of Kings (she becomes more central in later books) but the role has apparently been expanded for the series. She is a love interest for Rob Stark, which is a bit of a problem since Robb has already grudgingly promised to marry a daughter of the vindictive Lord Fray.