Two More Marvel Movies Scheduled For 2014

We already know about Amazing Spider-Man 2, but what could these other two be?

While the BBC still won’t confirm the date of Doctor Who’s return, even though it’s clearly just a few weeks off,  Marvel has no qualms about letting its competitors know about its plans three years in advance.

Last week Sony announced that the Amazing Spider-Man sequel was set to be released on 2 May 2014, and Marvel has now revealed the release dates for two more Marvel movies that same summer… though it’s not letting on what they are yet.

Those release dates are: 16 May 2014, and 27 June 2014.

So, which superheroes do you reckon we’ll be seeing on the big screen in 2014?

In the meantime, we have Amazing Spider-Man (3 July 2012) The Avengers (4 May 2012), Iron Man 3 (3 May 2013) and Thor 2 (26 July 2013).

Marvel is managing to get sequels out on a two-year turnaround, but surely an Avengers sequel would be too big and too complicated a project to have ready by 2014? There are, of course, those rumours of other Avengers getting their own spin-offs (Hawkeye, Black Widow); the idea of a SHIELD film has been bubbling away in the background for a while now; and the prospect of a Doctor Strange film also seems more likely now than ever before. We wouldn’t put money on Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man, though – as much as we’d love to see it, we’re beginning to think it’s like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.