12 SF & Fantasy Spin-Offs We We’d Love To Have Seen



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4 Faith

Spun off from: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Who’s in it? Faith Lehane, a Vampire Slayer who went Dark Side. And then some.

What’s it about? One-time bad girl Faith has had a helluva few years, from discovering her vocation as a Vampire Slayer (explaining her wicked-fast reflexes and exceptional strength) to almost being killed by her best friend to battling to save the world. But now she’s free to explore her own destiny and sets out on a hard-hitting road trip to find peace: killing anything with fangs along the way, of course…

Why do we want it? There’s no doubting that Faith was a dynamite character, surely one of Buffy’s finest creations. And while Eliza Dushku has starred in other shows since (Tru Calling, Dollhouse) she hasn’t managed to successfully show us that spark again, so it would be nice to see her finding Faith once more.

There’s one big problem with this concept, however: Faith was only really lava-hot and super-cool when she was bad. This show might need to have her slipping into her old ways quite a bit to keep our interest up, but hey, it never hurt Angel whenever Angelus came out to play, did it?