12 SF & Fantasy Spin-Offs We We’d Love To Have Seen


12 Ripper

Spun off from: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Who’s in it? A bookish, mild-mannered librarian by the name of Rupert Giles who has led a secret life as a Watcher for an ancient society dedicated to fighting evil.

What’s it about? Recently returned from helping a former cheerleader save the world in a small town in California, Giles finds himself back home in Blighty, staring out at the countryside and wondering what to do with himself while cleaning his glasses repeatedly. Supernatural forces are at work even in our green and verdant land, however, and soon Giles – nicknamed “Ripper” – finds himself drawn into solving unexplained cases and protecting the innocent. Who knew Somerset could be a hub for such spooky adventures?

Why do we want it? Because Joss Whedon and Anthony Head kept talking about it, cruelly whetting our appetites; there were actual conversations with the BBC about producing it; we love Tony and want to see him as Giles again (his work on Merlin notwithstanding); and because librarians need something to do now that the government’s closed all their workplaces.