12 SF & Fantasy Spin-Offs We We’d Love To Have Seen


10 My Name Is Early

Spun off from: Firefly

Who’s in it? Jubal Early, a Boba Fett-style mercenary who made each hunt a game… but that’s about to change.

What’s it about? Early lived a life of wickedness, skullduggery and villainy, travelling the ’verse to hunt down targets not only because he was paid to do it, but because he enjoyed it. But after an encounter with the crew of an aptly-named ship named Serenity, Early found serenity of his own.

Left floating in space with no hope of rescue, he had an epiphany: do good unto others, and you will be saved. He resolved to change his ways and, as a karmic reward, he was rescued by a passing ship piloted by a young woman named Saffron. Perhaps she wasn’t the best person to set him on his new path – having a rather troubled past herself, to say the least – but with her occasional support as he makes his way across the ’verse, Early sets out to do some fixin’. One day he might even run across the Serenity again, and he’ll have some grovelling to do…

Why do we want it? He may have been left as an “Object In Space” in the final episode of Firefly, but all is not lost for Early. “Oh, I know he survived,” Joss Whedon told MoviesOnline a few years back, and all we can say is: “Yay!” Because Richard Brooks made Early magnetic to watch, philosophising like a crazy priest one minute and ruthlessly violent the next; a true renaissance man.

He couldn’t be a hero unless he had an epiphany, of course (just ask Angel and Spike), and we can’t think of anything better than him reassessing himself while lost in space. Think of him as a reverse Gully Foyle from The Stars My Destination.