Top 33 SF Hitchcocks

Creators who couldn’t resist popping up in their own creations…

Alfred Hitchcock was the master of suspense, of course, but also the master of the cameo. But who are SF & fantasy’s greatest Hitchcocks? We’ve collected together 33 of the genres greatest examples of creators appearing in their own creations, some quite famous, others not so obvious. It’s not exhaustive: we had problems finding some examples we wanted to use. We were never entirely sure who Terry Gilliam was in Brazil, or where William Gibson appeared in The X-Files episode “First Person Shooter” (hell, we listened to the whole DVD commentary and Chris Carter doesn’t even mention it!). So feel free to suggest more examples!

33 Ed Bye

Red Dwarf “Only The Good”

Ed Bye was one of Red Dwarf’s most prolific and long-running directors, and he finally made it in front of the camera for the final episode of the show‘s original BBC run, “Only The Good…” Not that his mum would recognise him. He plays the Grim Reaper who comes to claim Rimmer. But Rimmer has other ideas, narrowly avoiding Death by kicking him in the balls.

32 Frank Miller


Frank Miller didn’t create Daredevil, but (as with Batman) he did reinvent him to great popular acclaim during his acclaimed on the title. So he has every right to appear in the Mark Steven Johnson-directed movie, even if it is only long enough to get stabbed in the forehead by Bullseye, who then nicks his motorbike. Miller also pops up in RoboCop 2 (for which he wrote the script), Sin City and The Spirit (both of which he directed).

31 Ridley Scott


When John Hurt first peers into the alien egg in Alien, he can see something moving about inside. An alien embryo? Nah, director Ridley Scott’s hands inside some special gloves.