SF’s Serial Guest Stars



We’ll start out by admitting that Felicia Day doesn’t have the longest CV when it comes to genre guest star roles – an oversight we’d like to see worked on, thank you (do you hear us, casting agents?) – but it’s the quality of the roles she chooses that counts.

Not only is she the driving force behind and star of The Guild (see above), which makes her our hero from the off, she’s also Joss Whedon’s favourite go-to girl when it comes to casting slightly nerdy, awkward-yet-hot characters. First pinging our radar in Buffy’s final year as Potential Slayer Vi (who was so sweet we wanted to give her an affectionate noogie), she’s since turned up to break our hearts in Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, kicked ass in two episodes of Dollhouse and has snagged a minor role in The Avengers (as Agent Abigail Brand).

See how Joss Whedon loves her? So should everybody else. Day’s a breath of fresh air whenever she’s on screen. We would say she brightens your Day, but we’re above such clunky pun-making and wouldn’t dare lower ourselves.

TV shows: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Century City, Dollhouse, Dragon Age: Redemption, Eureka
Webseries: The Guild, Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
Movies: The Avengers