Top 10 Resurrections


3 Rory Williams

“I thought I was going to die,” said a character in “The Rebel Flesh” the other day. “Welcome to my world,” replied Rory, signalling that yes, the writers of Doctor Who do know that they kill off Rory every five minutes and yes, it’s becoming a cliché. But it’s not one we mind too much, mainly because it’s always done with such gusto. Except, perhaps, in the pirates episode which was a fairly gusto free zone all round.

The first time Rory died, after being shot and falling through a crack in time (as you do), his own girlfriend didn’t even notice. Thankfully, Amy remembered him in the end and was so delighted to get him back that they walked down the aisle without anyone mentioning that awkward, “I became an Auton and shot you” thing.

Recently on the show, Rory has been shot by FBI agents (or apparently so; it was a bluff), needed some serious (and badly performed) CPR after a stint on a pirate ship and aged to a crumbling skeleton in the time it took Amy to walk round a corner (though that may have just been an illusion). Lord knows what will happen to him next. Rory seems to be going for some kind of record here, but at least he keeps coming back, so it’s not all bad…