Hop – film review

Bunny business

Release Date: 1 April

U * 95 minutes
Distributor: Universal Pictures
Tim Hill
Cast: James Marsden, Russell Brand, Kaley Cuoco, Hank Azaria

Quite how Russell Brand has gone from the poster child of a Daily Mail hate campaign to the voice of a cuddly Easter Bunny in this spring’s biggest kid-flick is a mystery to us – clearly, he has the best agent in history.

Essentially playing a hugely toned-down version of his rock’n’roll wild child from Get Him To The Greek, Brand provides the vocals for EB (Easter Bunny, geddit?), a floppy-eared fella who lives to play the drums and can’t imagine anything more boring than taking on the family tradition of delivering chocolate eggs to kids around the world once a year. So EB decides to do a runner to Hollywood, gets hit by a car driven by loser Fred (James Marsden), the two team up and candy-coloured dreams come true as a result.

It’s not brilliant, but you probably already guessed that; this is a film about a mythical rabbit who poops jellybeans, after all… But even Daily Mail readers might have to admit that Brand’s rather loveable in bunny form, with his CGI self begging to be hugged; Marsden’s a natural comic (watch him take a painful-looking pratfall and wonder how much it must have hurt) and the plot’s jolly enough to entertain young and old alike. Bear in mind, however, that you’ll have to explain to your sprogs what the Playboy Mansion is when you leave the cinema – because where else would a bunny go on his first trip to Hollywood?

Jayne Nelson