The SFX Blog Awards

Celebrating the greatest, quirkiest and most committed SF and fantasy sites in the webverse. Vote now for your favourites

Welcome to the first ever SFX Blog Awards, where we celebrate the best that SF and fantasy fan-driven and insider-developed internet activity has to offer. These awards aren’t for big, profit-making sites but for sites that were created for the love of the genre, and are maintained by people out of love rather than money*.

They’re called Blog Awards, and while we do have many trad blogs among the nominations, but we’ve applied the term loosely to include a couple of less bloggy sites that still feel in the right spirit. Consider “Blog” a shorthand term, because “The SFX Fan-Driven And Insider-Developed Website Awards” just ain’t catchy enough.

There are six categories to choose from, and the nominations have been drawn up from suggestions made by members of the SFX Forum, SFX team members and the SFX Bloggers.

All you have to do now is browse through the various nominees (we’ve provided handy links for each one) and decide which ones you want to vote for. You will be, to all intents and purposes, the Blog Academy, deciding the winners. And we think you’re going to enjoy the judging process.

So, allons-y, Alonso. Or whatever your name is…

* That’s not to say that some don’t have a commercial element, but we’ve tried to make sure we’ve only chosen sites where that money appears to be ploughed back into the sites rather than into the creators’ pockets.