Whedon Genderbending

We challenged you to switch the genders of Joss Whedon characters in art. Here are the results!

Those of you with long memories may remember that back before Christmas we issued a second SFX Art Challenge, which was to “gender-bend” characters from Joss Whedon shows (casting female actors from Whedon shows in male roles, and vice versa). And, um, slightly belatedly, we can now present the results (better late than never, eh?).

Let’s kick things off with our top five, counting down from five to our overall winner! We’ll follow that with five worthy runners-up.

IN FIFTH PLACE is this piece of photoshoppery by Ben Spathis, which recasts Adam Baldwin as Zoe. This made us chuckle a lot, especially since Ben picked a photo of Adam which makes it look like he’s aware of what’s been done to him, and is not at all happy about the situation…