20 TV Sci-Fi Gamechangers



You’re Dating A Dead Guy!

Oh, it’s a cliche these days all right: teenage girl falls for ageless vampire, it’s True Love but he could turn at any moment, blah blah bleeding blah. But back when Buffy The Vampire Slayer was young and fresh, delighting us every week with its sass and the way it turned convention on its head, the revelation that – gasp! – the dark, broody guy Buffy had just fallen for was a vampire was pretty damn astonishing… not least to the Slayer herself, as seen in the episode “Angel”.

This unlikely and unexpected coupling was also the catalyst for many more game-changers to come, from the immense Buffy/Angel love story that was the cornerstone of the first three seasons, to Angel becoming Angelus and killing everyone in sight, to him buggering off to LA to get his own series. Not bad for a character who wasn’t even a series regular at first – David Boreanaz didn’t even make the main cast list until season two. Andrew Lloyd Webber was right: love changes everything.