20 TV Sci-Fi Gamechangers



Lawyering Up

Angel, Angel, Angel… Now here’s a show that took the idea of “game-changing” and decided to make it its vocation. How many times did the writers pull the rug from under our feet? How many twists and turns did this show go through? From co-stars dying off with no warning (RIP Doyle) to headquarters being abandoned (or blown up) to vampiric baby mommas turning up out of the blue, Angel did it all and our jaws got so fed up of dropping that we just rested them on the floor before each episode to save time.

But the biggest change – and surely its most controversial one – was giving Angel and co command of evil law firm Wolfram & Hart in its final season. Suddenly our heroes were working for the enemy: hell, they were employing the enemy, too, and everything that had gone before had been undone in one way or another. Throw in Spike, business suits and the odd death along the way and season five of Angel had its game changed beyond all recognition.