20 TV Sci-Fi Gamechangers

It could be an unexpected plot twist. A character suddenly turning Dark Side. An alternate reality intersecting with our own. Game-changers are everywhere, so we thought we’d pick out some of the best – and worst – of those show-shaking moments…


The Twin Dilemma

“There’s More Than One Of Everything” is the title of Fringe’s first season finale and boy, ain’t that the truth. The show that spent most of its premiere year trying to either out-gross The X-Files or dazzle us with science had also been sowing seeds along the way, letting us know that somewhere out there was another universe that kept intersecting with ours, but it wasn’t until the final few moments of this episode that we finally got to see what all the fuss was about.

This spectacular pan-out from one of the windows of the still-standing World Trade Center, bathed in JJ Abrams’ now trademark lens flare, is every inch what sci-fi is made of: impossible, beautiful and thought-provoking. It also signalled a brave new change of direction for the show, bringing Earth’s parallel twin even closer and paving the way for season three’s jaw-dropping, weekly world-swapping masterpiece.

Watch it here.