Bryan Singer To Produce Live-Action SF Series For The Web

H+ will be an “apocalyptic journey into the future”

Bryan Singer

Bryan (X-Men) Singer is to executive produce a live-action digital series called H+ for Warner Bros which is described as an “apocalyptic journey into the future”.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “In 2019, 33% of the world’s population uses a radical new piece of technology – an implanted computer system called H +. This allows a person’s mind and nervous system to be connected to the Internet 24 hours a day. But that same year, a mysterious and vicious computer virus is released, and within seconds millions of people died – leading to radical changes to the political and social landscape of the planet.”

Writers/producers on the series are John (Gilmore Girls) Cabrera and Cosimo de Tommasa, while Lance (Sorority Row) Hendler is handling the directing chores.

Warners has also commissioned another web series, Aim High, about a high school student who secretly has a double life as a government assassin. That one’s being executive produced by McG (of Chuck and Charlie’s Angels fame).
If successful, both digital series could spin-offs into the TV shows or films. Failing that, the installments could be collected to make a two or two-and-a-half hour TV movie or DVD movie.

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