Sing Something Sci-Fi


Just a couple of oddities we’ve uncovered in the course of research…

David Boreanaz

Best known as: Angel in Angel
Singing: Badly (2000)

This doesn’t count as it wasn’t “extra-curricula”, but an outtake shown over the closing credits of an episode. But it’s good fun.


Best known as: The Evil Ruler Of The Federation
Singing: The Great Gig in the Sky by Pink Floyd (2008)

The kind of thing the internet was created for. Genius. Though we could have done without the laugh track at the end – yeah, it was supposed to be funny, we got that!

Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Nicholas Courtney, Anthony Ainley and others

Best known as: Various Doctor Who bods (if you really don’t know them, Google)
Singing: Doctor In Distress (1985)

Only start the below video running if you have a very strong stomach

Hideous single released when the BBC put Doctor Who on hiatus in 1985 in the middle of Colin Baker’s era to try to pressure the Beeb into bringing the show back. Clearly it worked; it must have been one of those, “YES! YES! YES! We’ll do whatever you ask if you just promise never to play that song again!” situations.